Aspire Wellbeing has now re-established its services for existing Day Centre Members in a carefully planned and managed way.   Even more so with the latest lockdown measures in place, where we are having to restrict the number of members attending at any one time.

As of 5 November 2020, we have had to close the Aspire Health Gym.  We will be opening for business as soon as the latest lock-down is lifted and we are allowed to operate once again.

Hand Sanitiser

How are we enforcing regular hand sanitising?

All of our staff members have been trained in the importance of a Covid – 19 secure practice and environment. We have already contacted Members, Carers and service users in writing and verbally communicated about how this applies to them. We have also displayed notices all around the premises reinforcing the messages around social distancing and personal hygiene.

Why should you feel comfortable returning to the centre?

Aspire have undertaken a thorough risk assessment, supported by the local authority, and have put in place measures to reduce the identified risks as far as possible. All staff have been trained in Covid–19 secure practice. Numbers of people at our centre have been reduced to enable social distancing.